Verde Tifone


Verde Tifone

Verde Tifone Marble

Verde Tifone is a dark green crystal made of hydrated magnesium silicate, also known as snake stone. M Stone company owns the quarry of this marble, which has a unique green color, according to the physical characteristics of this material, it is suitable for all kinds of applications. Verde Tifone is mainly used as a decorative stone or for ornamental objects Also, these precious stones have been used in architecture and luxury buildings. In the following, you can see the types of this marble:  

This Material Different Types

Persian Green Serpentine

Green Paradise Light

Green Paradise Dark

Amazing Green

Amazing Violet

Amazing White

Verde Tifone Blocks

Blocks of this stone can be supplied in various types. Blocks are divided into 3 categories: small blocks for decorative products, medium blocks suitable for tiles, and large blocks for slabs. Contact the sales unit for information on prices and the latest extracted blocks.

Available Tiles

green serpentine tile


60×60 cm

30×60 cm

40×80 cm

30×30 cm


All dimensions can be produced in inches.


1 cm     1.5 cm     2 cm

M Stone production team, produces all kinds of products from this unique material, such as ornaments, accessories, decorative products, etc.


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