Tehran stone exhibition

According to the main trend of global architecture with a sustainable architecture approach, the stone industry is considered as one of the environmentally friendly industries in the climate of Iran, and creating a better understanding and a different view of the capacities of this industry on the part of consumers, architects and designers. creates lasting and unique works.

The use of local and environmentally friendly materials that have a long life and great beauty is one of the goals of the industry activists, and in this regard, the Tehran Stone Exhibition plays an important role in introducing the Iranian stone industry as well as possible. An industry that has more than 6,000  building stone factories  and 1,200 quarries with a wide variety of stones.

Iran’s main luck is in having rare stones such as pink onyx. Onyx owes its pink color to the presence of manganese. The higher the amount of manganese; The color of the stone is also darker. A stone whose attractive color has been very attractive to the past. Iranian Pink onyx has been very popular with its distinctive color and striking black veins.

This stone can be used in many structures. This stone has quarry in many countries in the world; And after polishing the stone, they use it in structures and other cases.

The 12th Tehran Stone Exhibition (the 12th international exhibition of  building stones, quarry, machinery and related equipment)

Iran International Stone Exhibition (Tehran) is held at the permanent location of Tehran International Exhibitions. The total area of ​​the exhibition is about 850,000 square meters, of which 120,000 square meters are covered space, 350,000 square meters of open exhibition space, about 22 hectares of green space, and 21 hectares of access roads to the halls and exhibition area. A total of 130 booths in 4 halls (halls 35-38-40-A38) with an area of ​​15054 square meters are participating in this period of Tehran stone exhibition. 2000 square meters of booths are also considered in the open space section of the exhibition. Companies from China, Turkey and Italy will be present in this exhibition.

Objectives of Tehran stone exhibition

  1. Increase in export volume
  2. Development of communication and economic cooperation
  3. Creating internal and external competition
  4. Exchange of the latest information and specialized technologies in the field of stone
  5. Expansion of technical and engineering services
  6. Development of specialized education in the field of stone

History of Tehran Stone Exhibition (international exhibition of building stones, quarry, machinery and equipment related to Tehran)

International exhibitions of building stones started in Tehran in 1993 with the aim of developing exports in the stone industry. The International Exhibition of building Stones, Quarry, Machinery and Related Equipment started operating with a new approach in 2006 and has seen remarkable progress until 2015, so that in the eighth period of the exhibition (2015), there was a 3-fold increase in The size of the foreigners stand  (from 300 square meters to 979 square meters) and a 60% increase in their useful space (from 6,000 square meters to 10,200 square meters) was achieved, which is considered a significant success.

The visit of more than 12,000 domestic audience and experts from 36 foreign countries has confirmed the improvement of the quality of the exhibition.


The 10th Tehran Stone Exhibition (the 10th international exhibition of building stones for quarry, machinery and related equipment) was held in July 2017 in a space of 90,000 square meters in 350 booths at the permanent location of Tehran International Exhibitions, where the latest achievements The field of mineral and building stones were displayed in the fields of construction stone processing, stone quarries, quarry machinery, etc.

In the 10th Tehran stone exhibition, eight countries, including Germany, Italy, Spain, Turkey and China, presented their products and services with 40 booths along with 133 domestic companies. Among domestic companies, there were 45 companies in the field of machinery, 78 companies in the field of stone production and processing, and 10 companies in other fields related to the stone industry, including news agencies, start-ups, etc.

Among the foreign countries present at the exhibition, Italy with 28, China with 8, Spain with 2, Turkey with 1, and Germany with 1 participated in the exhibition.

The following side programs were also held at the 10th Tehran Stone Exhibition:

    1. The unveiling ceremony of the 19th volume of Iran’s annual stone guide book.
    2. Selection of the best design of Iranian stone industry catalogs.
    3. Introducing the winners of the golden feather competition and awarding prizes to the best people.
    4. Conference of idea, design and implementation in the pavilion of Iran Stone Association
    5. Introduction of the best booths (3 booths from stone producers and 2 booths from machinery manufacturers)

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© Copyright 2023 M.STONE TRADING

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