Iranian Pink onyx

Iranian Pink onyx is one of the most stunning stones used in construction, especially in interior parts. This stone exists in different colors and in different cities in different parts of the world. Italy is one of the most famous suppliers of onyx in the world. But Iran also has a high share of onyx sales market.

Iran’s main luck is in having rare stones such as pink onyx. Onyx owes its pink color to the presence of manganese. The higher the amount of manganese; The color of the stone is also darker. A stone whose attractive color has been very attractive to the past. Iranian Pink onyx has been very popular with its distinctive color and striking black veins.

This stone can be used in many structures. This stone has quarry in many countries in the world; And after polishing the stone, they use it in structures and other cases.

Characteristics of Iranian pink onyx

Each natural stone has characteristics that distinguish it from other stones and will be a criterion for determining its quality. Iranian pink Onyx is not an exception to this rule and has unique characteristics such as:

1:  Abrasion resistance

   Iranian Pink onyx’s wear resistance is very good. In the grades considered for onyx resistance; A significant amount has been allocated for it.  High wear resistance means that the stone shows relatively good resistance against scratches and wear by other objects and is less likely to be scratched.

2: Absorption rate

   Iranian Pink onyx naturally has a very low absorption power. This is why Iranian pink onyx is used in wet environments such as kitchens and wet rooms.

3: Sensitivity to acid

  Iranian pink onyx does not act weakly against acid and shows low sensitivity against acid.

4: Light transmission property                 

   One of the unique characteristics of Iranian pink onyx is the presence of structures that allow light to pass through. Iranian pink onyx stones in any environment; They pass the ambient light and allow the light to return to the environment.

5: Density

   In terms of the density of the building materials, Iranian pink onyx is one of the most dense stones. This high density increases the strength of the stone and makes it resistant to high pressure. Therefore, this stone can be used in environments where a lot of weight and pressure may be applied to the stone.

6: The amount of resistance  

Due to its strong structure, Iranian pink onyx generally shows good resistance to temperature changes and sunlight. Moderate temperature changes usually do not harm the stone.   

Types of Iranian pink onyx

As we explained; Iranian Pink onyx is one of the amazing natural stones used in luxury structures. This stone is used in indoor environments as interior facade stone and floor stone. Iranian Pink onyx is very popular for use in kitchen, wet room, bedroom and other luxury interior design.

This stone is on the list of the most expensive natural stones in the world and the reason for this is its rarity. In Iran, this stone can be extracted from Naqdeh Iranian pink onyx quarry located in West Azarbaijan province.

   Among the types of Iranian pink onyx, we can mention Afghan pink onyx, Kerman pink and Anark, which stand out with very beautiful black veins.         

   Among the types of Iranian pink onyx, we can mention Afghan pink, Kerman pink and Anark, which stand out with very beautiful black veins. Kerman pink onyx has cloud and wind designs in brown to white colors with black lines that decorate the stone background.                     

Although Afghanistan’s pink onyx is popular in global markets; But due to the purity and deeper color of Iranian pink onyx, this stone is one of the most popular stones.      

This stone is sold in different types. Including:


Like any other stone, Iranian pink onyx is sent to the factory for processing after extraction from the quarry. One of the types of processing models is slab. In the factory, these stones are cut into slabs with the help of the latest equipment and technologies and sent to the market. The slabs are cut in large sizes, depending on the size of the desired block and in thickness usually between 1 and 3 cm for different purposes.


Raw stone extraction from the quarry without any special processing is called block, which is usually exported as a block before processing, and after extraction, it goes to the factory and is sent to the market after processing.


As we stated; Iranian pink onyx is very expensive, so it can be used in small sizes and only for special purposes.

For very special uses and decorative items, this stone is also processed as book match and for mach. The final design is beautiful and it is more expensive for the customer than any other way. Therefore, they only use it as a decoration for a part of the desired. Finally, keep in mind that Iranian pink onyx is graded and grade one and two are both domestically used and exported to other countries.

But the third and fourth grades are sent to the factories that produce artifacts and decorative accessories. They produce the best and most beautiful stone accessories from these types of stones. Iranian pink onyx is also used to produce vases, kitchen counters, dishes and decorative sculptures.


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© Copyright 2023 M.STONE TRADING

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