Isfahan Travertines

Isfahan travertine is a very famous stone!

Isfahan marble, Isfahan travertine and other high-demand building stones are produced in this province in large quantities and in various dimensions and are exported to other cities and other countries. The presence of a very large number of stone quarries in this province has caused diversity in the processing, price, size and other characteristics of stones, which in turn is considered a very significant advantage because different designers and manufacturers Based on their taste and budget, they prepare different building stones.

Isfahan, stone quarries

Isfahan is a rich quarrying province and has many quarrying industries. Statistics show that there are about 350 construction stone quarries in Isfahan province, of which about 250 are active. In addition, about 1000 stone quarrying units are also active in this province. The existence of this number of construction stone quarries as well as processing factories shows the importance of Isfahan province in producing and providing all kinds of construction stones. Isfahan has been active in the production of various building stones for a long time, including Isfahan marble and Isfahan travertine.

But what is the reason for the importance of Isfahan from the point of view of production of building stones?

In terms of geology, Isfahan province is considered part of the Central Iran zone. In this zone, various rocks, including sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic, can be seen in different areas. Isfahan marble stones, which are considered as sedimentary stones, have many deposits in Isfahan province. On the other hand, the existence of manufacturing cities such as: Mahmoud Abad in Isfahan province, which houses many stone factories, makes this province play a significant role in cutting and processing various construction stones, including Isfahan travertine and Isfahan granite. The location of Isfahan province in the center of the country and easy access to this province from all regions of the country has led to the further development of the stone industry in this province and the holding of an annual stone exhibition in this province, which has attracted the attention of inside and outside builders.

Why Isfahan travertine?

Travertine is one of the most widely used building stones. This stone is widely used in interior and exterior as well as other applications. One of the advantages of Isfahan province is the production of Isfahan travertine in size 40. This size is considered one of the most widely used sizes of building stones, which is widely used in the floors of residential units, parking lots, etc. As it was said, the location of many stone factories in this province has led to the transportation of blocker stones from other parts of the country to this industrial area and processed there. For example, various travertines such as Abbas Abad travertine, Haji Abad travertine, Silver, etc. are processed and used in different qualities and sizes in Isfahan’s industrial towns and in its quarrying units.

Factors affecting the quality of Isfahan travertine

The travertines produced in Isfahan province are graded based on various factors, the most important of which are:

  • The quality of Isfahan travertine sub and polish
  • Tile or slab thickness and size tolerance
  • bright of the stone background: The brighter the Isfahan travertine stone background is, the higher its quality and price will be. It should be noted that this applies to light and cream colored travertines and this factor is not considered in relation to special travertines such as silver and red Azarshahr.
  • The amount of cross cut of the background. It should be noted that in some modern and traditional architectural styles, the use of cross cut types is common and the amount of cross cut of Isfahan travertine stone can be an advantage.
  • Quality of resin and chemicals used

The dimensions of the travertine produced


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